Resource Guide


Prevention Innovations Research Center’s (PIRC) Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking Prevention Resource Guide is a compendium of materials related to policy, prevention and response to campus sexual and relationship violence and stalking. The Guide has been developed to assist practitioners who may be seeking resources to easily locate and quickly assess the relevance or suitability of various materials and tools.  These materials are gathered from various sources and the Guide will be updated on a quarterly basis.

How to Use the Guide

Each resource review includes:

  • Type of Resource: Toolkit, webinar, article, report, etc.
  • Source: Author, creator or publisher
  • Keyword: One or more of up to 12 different possible topics
  • URL Link: Hyperlink to the full document on the web (if available)
  • Brief Summary: Description of the purpose and intended use of the resource
  • Main Points: Description of what is contained in the resource

Ways to Browse Resources

You can browse through a variety of different resources by keyword, type, or in alphabetical order.  Each item includes a short synopsis and a link to the full resource (either webpage or PDF download).


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