Head Back to School with uSafeUS!


uSafeUS is a mobile app that places sexual assault prevention tools and response resources into the hands of students. The app is available for students at all CSAPPNH Colleges to download for free! Below you will find information about the app’s features and updates in the new and improved uSafeUS version  3.0.

uSafeUS 3.0 is now available!

  • Home_trspt-205x384Updated prevention tools with more intuitive features
  • New and improved “Find Help” tool
  • Free to download for all New Hampshire college students!
  • Current uSafeUS users will get the update automatically

Interested in advertising uSafeUS on your campus? Contact Delilah Smith at delilah.smith@unh.edu for information about promotional materials our team can share on your campus!

New Campus Administrator Dashboard provides customization, insights, and communication capabilities, including:

  • View anonymous data about uSafeUS app use on your campus
  • Update information available to your students via the app
  • Send push notifications to students who have selected your campus, to remind them of app features and ways to stay safe.

The uSafeUS smartphone app enables students to:

  • Instantly access campus and local help, in the event of sexual violence.
  • Use interactive safety features to prevent assault.
  • Learn how to approach and help someone who has been victimized.

Features on uSafeUS:

  • Time to Leave enables students to send themselves a fake text or phone call which provides an excuse to leave an uncomfortable situation.
  • Angel Drink offers a discreet way for students to notify a bartender or wait staff that help is needed.
  • Expect Me enables students walking home alone at night to let friends know to call if they don’t arrive home as expected.
  • What Next? walks students through their options in the event of an assault
  • Find Help is a contact book of resources, which you can customize for your school.
  • Helpful Answers provides research-informed guidance for self-care or supporting a friend who has been victimized.

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